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GateKey Manual / Instructions

To communicate with the Security Team at the gate (non-emergencies ONLY) - like informing them of a visitor or vendor - please give at least 24 hours notice is emailing this information - you may contact the security officers by emailing them at: gatehouse@maitlandclubsecurity.com

If your party is expected in less than 24-hours, please go online to your GateKey account [
www.gatekey.us], or telephone security at (407) 539-0556.

You may contact the on-site SecurAmerica Security Supervisor, Yomaira Martinez, by phone at (407) 539-0556 Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:00pm, or via email at supervisor@maitlandclubsecurity.com

To contact property management at Maitland Club, please email your question or concern to: propertymanager@maitlandclubsecurity.com

To contact SecurAmerica regional management with a compliment about one or more of our security officers, or a concern, complaint, or even a new business opportunity, please email us at: customerservice@maitlandclubsecurity.com